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GirlAWhirl Loves Her Toezies
May 14, 2007,

The first thing Girlawhirl does when she walks through the door of her apartment at the end of the day is take off her shoes. Sometimes it’s because her heels are pinching just a little, or if she stopped at the gym on the way home, it’s just because she wants to get out of her sneakers. Either way, nothing compares to the instant feeling of relief she gets as soon as her shoes and socks or hose are off…

Maybe it’s because her feet have been cooped up all day in her shoes, or that the act of walking around barefoot feels like a mini-vacation, but Girlawhirl loves it. But, sometimes as the evening progresses, her feet get cold and slipping on a pair of flip-flops – her next-best-to-barefoot solution – doesn’t help. Then a Super Pal gave her a pair of Toezies™ and Girlawhirl could not be more thrilled with them. They’re socks that are designed as an alternative to bare feet, and her Super Pal swears by them for Pilates.

Toezies are lightweight, soft and stretchy, and the bottoms have little non-skid bits of rubber on them so unlike a regular pair of socks, Girlawhirl doesn’t slide around on her hardwood floors and her Super Pal stays grounded in the Pilates studio. And Girlawhirl loves that her toes are still showing. Toezies are toeless, like fingerless gloves, which – in addition to showing off her pedicure - aids in Girlawhirl’s ability to maintain her footing.

Girlawhirl’s thrown an extra pair of Toezies into her gym bag so she can do yoga in them!