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Toezies Performance Socks: Socks for Yoga, Pilates and More
Aug 21, 2008 - By J. Rica Middlebrooks


With the increase in participation of Yoga and Pilates increased numbers of individuals are finding their comfort zones in Yoga and Pilates studios. There are a couple of accessories that tend to help one achieve a comfort zone as well as a safety zone in a public studio such as Toezies Performance Socks. Just as one needs an individual personalized sticky mat to participate in Yoga or Pilates, not having to be barefoot helps one attain not only a level of security in terms of balance and grip, but also in health.

Toezies Performance Socks allow one to perform Yoga or Pilates without the interference of the worry of bacteria, sweat, and other health concerns of working out in a public studio. Created specifically for Yoga and Pilates, Toezies Performance Socks are also an excellent comfort item that can be worn around the house and also allow individuals to perform Yoga and Pilates without a sticky mat.

Having the right equipment to assist with balance and control are very important when performance Pilates or Yoga. The importance of the design of Toezies and the fact that a Pilates instructor created Toezies Performance Socks make them even more desirable to Pilates enthusiasts. Toezies Performance Socks are made with a non-skid surface that allows balance and control yet are form fitting which allows the toes to be free for proper movement and grip during exercise. The great thing about Toezies Performance Socks is that they are 80% breathable and convenient for travel. One can use the performance socks in lieu of a sticky mat in a hotel room while on the road for business or for leisure travel.

Toezies Performance Socks are available in a wide selection of colors including Cashmere Rose Stripes, Basic Black, Purple Wine Stripes and Sassy Stripes. Toezies are available from the official Web site and retail at a starting price of approximately $12.00. Toezies Performance Socks can also be purchased in the local Los Angeles metropolitan and Southern California areas at the Hollywood location of Pilates Plus, Morph Pilates in Santa Monica, the House of Pilates in Irvine, California, Hunter Fitness in San Marcos, and Gotham Pilates in La Jolla. Visit the official Web site for Toezies Performance Socks for other retail locations throughout the United States.

For individuals in wholesale interested in purchasing Toezies Performance Socks to retail information is available on the Web site or email inquiries can be made via a fill in form on the Web site. For more information on Toezies Performance Socks visit the official Web site.